Heaven's Gate
For our beloved German Shepherd Dogs that have passed on
(A database to further research in determining the cause of death in the German Shepherd Dog)


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To Angus Cook,
How can we ever thank you for the months of work you have put into creating Heaven's Gate! Your kindness, along with your caring attitude, and the jovial way in which you accepted our endless changes to make the database perfect will never be forgotten. You didn't know us when you so generously offered to create this database. None of us had the skills to make our dreams become a reality when you stepped up to the plate, answering a post in a technical forum to which we had posted. You were the answer to our prayers.

"Thank you" is such an inadequate word for all you have done Angus! In the process of creating Heaven's Gate, and throughout the endless testing of the database, friendships were forged, which will last a lifetime. Please know that this acknowledgement of your successful efforts to create this valuable database is a heartfelt acknowledgement, and there are no words that could ever express the depths of our appreciation for all you have done...

To Vicki Kniss,
Thank you for your organizational skills, your help, support, and your endless months of testing to make certain this database would be launched to the public, *bug* free. Thank you for keeping track of the enormous amounts of emails that flew back and forth and for finding my head, whenever I lost it :)

To Bill Elliott,
Thank you for working with us, side by side, tracking down the fonts, colors and creating the beautiful banner on the Splash page of Heaven's Gate. You put the beautiful finishing touches on the site, making it a restful place to lay our fur kids to rest, in cyberworld.

To Carol Kufner,
Thank you for the beautiful Heaven's Gate graphic which graces our Splash page. When you made the graphic as a gift for me several years ago, it inspired me to make a place worthy of holding such a beautiful graphic. Each time I look at the graphic, I feel a peace of mind, allowing me to picture Jack Flash in a beautiful, peaceful place. I am sure that all who visit this site will agree that the graphic is a true work of art... Thank you for this precious and priceless gift :)

Hugs and love to you all!
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A huge thank you and tons of hugs to Angus Cook for volunteering his time and efforts to get Heaven's Gate working once again. This could not have been accomplished without his help. We are most grateful for your help, Angus! :)

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