Original Heaven's Gate Entries

Jan 19, 2001 - July 23, 2002

These entries were collected prior to the re-opening of Heaven's Gate on 11/28/2003. The format for data collection used originally makes it impossible to include these entries in the new database. In no way does this take away from the value of the original completed entries.

Previous entries (page 1):

Name: Marjorie
E-Mail: MZ66@aol.com
City/State: New York
Country: USA
Home Page: http://mzjf.com
Date: Wed Jan 19 02:00:05 2001
How you found us: Jack Flash's Site
Dog's Name: Jo-Sans Jack Flash
Dog's date of birth: 6/16/85
Dog's date of death: 8/4/98
Sire: Witmer's Lexington
Dam: Sylmar's Hilary of Jo-Sans
Food eaten: Jack was fed a combination of dry food and canned food. In his younger years, the Pet Food industry was not as health conscious as it is now, and for many years he ate foods that contained artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. When the healthier foods came out, I switched him to preservative free foods, both canned and kibble.
Health problems: Allergies (for which he was desensitized), anal gland problems (not fistulas), Bloat accompanied by spleenic torsion (his spleen was removed in emergency surgery after bloating), Degenerative Myelopathy
Cause of death: Secondary complications of Degenerative Myelopathy
Breeder notified?: YES

To the other half of my soul- you will always be missed and loved...I was blessed to have had you in my life... I will always honor your memory, and my promise to you..

Name: Kelly
E-Mail: JudyJetson112969@aol.com
City/State: Bristol, PA
Home Page:
Date: Fri Jan 19 02:39:05 2001
How you found us: Jack Flash's Site
Dog's Name: Zoe
Dog's date of birth: June 8,1998
Dog's date of death: December 23, 1999
Health problems:
Cause of death: Hit by car
Breeder notified?:

Goodnight sweet angel...till we meet again.

Name: Andrea Meade
E-Mail: Andreameade@aol.com
City/State: Northbridge, MA
Home Page: hometown.aol.com/andreameade/myhomepage/pet.html
Date: Fri Jan 19 03:08:58 2001
How you found us: Jack Flash's Site
Dog's Name: Sashanto's Delsey
Dog's date of birth: April 26, 1981
Dog's date of death: September 16, 1993
Sire: Faro vom Kreuzbaum
Dam: Roxie of Mundell
Food eaten: Fed dry food - Eukanuba
Health problems: 9 yrs. old-Benign Tumor of the Spleen 11 yrs. old-Degenerative Myelopathy
Cause of death: Seizures - suspected Brain Tumor or Cancer
Breeder notified?: NO

Back when Delsey was going downhill Degenerative Myelopathy was not a diagnosis - Now that information is available, we know she had this disease.

Name: Charles T. Tomovcsik
E-Mail: tomo@stargate.net
City/State: McKeesport, Pa. 15132
Home Page: http://
Date: Fri Jan 19 04:37:11 2001
How you found us: A link someplace
Dog's Name: Blitz Krieg Von Kiserslaugtn
Dog's date of birth: 1/22/1990
Dog's date of death: 2/3/2000
Sire: Dishong's Wolf D958631
Dam: Amber's Nikkita D755116
Food eaten: I fed Bltz Krieg von Kiserslaughtn cheap dry in the second to third year of his life as I was in financial distress (divorce), middle of his life Blitz was fed a medium brand dry dog food mixed with canned meat (still not knowing the importance). When I found he had DM he was fed Hunden Fluchen Gold with cooked chicken. Now dogs are fed Nutro Chicken base with chicken type broth, vegies, fruit...anything healthy!
Health problems: Down on pasterns as pup..no later effects. Only other health problem was a growth on neck(fatty tumor) about 1 1/2 years before being put down. Diagnosed with DM at age 7, had to be put down at age 10.
Cause of death: DM
Breeder notified?: YES

The breeder in this case was not a large operation. They were just home folks who breed the two GSD's they had. They didn't know what DM was. Parents have since died off, not sure of cause in the parents cases.

Name: Kristina Davies
E-Mail: bergsteigerkennels@yahoo.com
City/State: Winnipeg, MB
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/bergsteigerkennels
Date: Fri Jan 19 14:13:51 2001
How you found us: Word of mouth
Dog's Name: Rocky vom Castellberg
Dog's date of birth: 28 March 1991
Dog's date of death: 26 September 2000
Sire: Wick von Bad-Boll
Dam: Conni vom Castellberg
Food eaten: He had been fed RAW food for his first year (that is how his breeder in Germany fed) and then he was on dry kibble for 6 years, then switched back to RAW as I discovered it and was fed that for his last 2 1/2 years of life.
Health problems: Degenerative Mylopathy seasonal allergic reactions (itchy)but those stopped once I stopped vaccinating yearly
Cause of death: stroke
Breeder notified?: NO

I believe his itchies were related to vaccinations as he got them every year, within about a month or so of his yearly vaccination. Once I stopped vaccinating, he stopped having the reactions. Other than that and the DM he was the picture of health and beauty. Rocky, my boy, you are missed more than words can express.

Name: Cherri Pursell
E-Mail: EastGSD@aol.com
City/State: Browns Mills NJ
Home Page: http://thomsgsds.virtualave.net
Date: Fri Jan 19 15:35:05 2001
How you found us: A link someplace
Dog's Name: Thom's Travelin' Man "Max"
Dog's date of birth: April 3, 1992
Dog's date of death: Nov 21, 1999
Sire: Belcani's Elton v Formanek
Dam: Hosp's Greta
Food eaten: dry food and homemade (veggies etc)
Health problems: allergies,gastrointestinal disturbances, cysts
Cause of death: torsion
Breeder notified?: NO

Max suffered a bloat = incidence 12 weeks prior to his fatal torsion episode. All bloat "preventative" advice was followed without success. He had an allergy to chicken...but otherwise was quite healthy. He is very missed :c(

Name: Debbie Marino
E-Mail: m6petsit@aol.com
City/State: Mck, PA
Home Page: http://
Date: Fri Jan 19 16:16:59 2001
How you found us: A link someplace
Dog's Name: Shane's Shadow VIII
Dog's date of birth: 7/14/93
Dog's date of death: 6/16/2000
Sire: Romark's Emo of Sanfelice
Dam: Sanfelice's Jena
Health problems: Bloated, 1/4 torsion 97 no surgery,
Cause of death: Lymphoma
Breeder notified?: YES

Shane was healthy = until he went down, then was diagnosed with widespread lymphoma.

Name: Diane Weaver
E-Mail: vmstevens@snet.net
City/State: Old Lyme, CT
Home Page: http://www.angelfire.com/ct/jakoda
Date: Fri Jan 19 22:52:56 2001
How you found us: Jack Flash's Site
Dog's Name: Travelot's Luke Von Stevens
Dog's date of birth: 5-15-87
Dog's date of death: 12-11-99
Sire: Otto V Stolzenfels
Dam: Travelots Jasmine
Health problems: Perianal Fistula's, recovered/cruciate surgery @ age 9, recovered
Cause of death: complications from 2nd stroke
Breeder notified?: YES

Jake altho had a = couple of serious health problems, always bounced back healthy as a horse..My "best" bud..

Name: Gail Shulmire
E-Mail: roosier@aol.com
City/State: Klamath Falls, OR
Home Page:
Date: Fri Jan 19 22:54:30 2001
How you found us: Word of mouth
Dog's Name: Von Braun's Major League
Dog's date of birth: 8/3/1992
Dog's date of death: 8/2/1999
Sire: Von Braun's Rainy Ridge
Dam: Trisohn's Midnight Rendezvous
Health problems: Allergies/skin problems
Cause of death: Oral Cancer
Breeder notified?: NO

No major health problems until he was diagnosed with cancer....He was so much a part of our family and is missed terribly...

Name: Diane Weaver
E-Mail: vmstevens@snet.net
City/State: Old Lyme, CT 06371
Home Page: http://www.angelfire.com/ct/jakoda
Date: Fri Jan 19 22:58:04 2001
How you found us: Jack Flash's Site
Dog's Name: Kimarla's Lakodiak Khan
Dog's date of birth: 4-13-91
Dog's date of death: 7-29-00
Sire: Skyllaus Scorpio of Navatar
Dam: Kimarla's Honey Bee
Health problems: chronic yeast/staph infections in ears/diagnosed with severe spondyliosis 2 years ago.
Cause of death: paralysis due to spondyliosis
Breeder notified?: YES

Kodi was given a 2 yr = reprieve after being diagnosed and I put him on a regime of vitamins,,vets were amazed,unfortunately he "cracked" the fusing which was resulting in paralysis...He's with his bud Jake now and happy..

Tabulation of causes of death and health problems in GSDS as listed on this site as of 1/19/2001 - 7/23/2002
Causes of death:

Degenerative Myelopathy: 35
Cancer: 30
Bloat: 15
Heart Problems: 7
Perianal Fistulas: 5
Kidney Problems: 6
Stroke: 3
Severe Temperament Problems (euthanized): 2
Pancreatic problems: 2
Accident : 2
Spondylosis: 4
Seizures: 1
Heat Stroke: 1
Natural Causes: 3
Surgical Infection: 1
Stomach Problems: 1
Complications from Addisons Disease: 1
Esophagous Esplasia (euthanized): 1
Discospondylitis: 2
Lumbosacral Syndrome: 1
Hip Dysplasia: 2
Parvo: 1
Hemorrage: 2
Unknown: 9
General Health problems:

Allergies: 30
Hip Related Problems: 17
Ear Problems: 8
Intestinal Problems: 6
Seizures: 4
Vaccination related problems: 3
Undescended testicles: 3
Spondylosis: 1
Thyroid: 3
Long Bone Disease: 1
Pannus: 1
Lupus: 1
Epilepsy: 2
Fibroids: 1
Caudia Equina Syndrome: 1
Ununited Anconeal Process: 1
Kidney Problems: 1
Skin Problems: 6
Accidental Poisoning: 1
Skin Tumors: 2
Sebaceous Cysts: 1
Bladder Tumors: 1
Spinal Degeneration: 1
Perianal Fistulas: 1
Arthritis: 6
Phemphigus: 1
Infertility: 1
Esophagous Esplasia: 1
Myelitis: 1
Discospondylitis: 3
Bloat: 1
Lumbosacral Syndrome: 1
Immune Disorder: 1
Heart Problems: 1
Anal Gland Problems: 1
Herniated Discs: 1
Clotting Problems: 1

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