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Entry 1041 made on 2010-06-07 22:43:46

Visitor's Name: Natalie
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Flat Rock, NC
How you found our site: I was looking for support
Would you recommend our site to others?: yes

Comments: Liebchen, my 13 year and 7 month old German Shepherd was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with DM. It has only been in the last 3 days that she has lost the function of her left hind leg. She has very bad arthritis in her right front leg, so it has put undue pressure on it supporting her back legs. She falls down, now after a few steps..My heart is breaking. I will have a sling and a harness tomorrow to help her. I just wanted to be around those who are experiencing the same things with their loved one...

Entry 1040 made on 2010-05-20 04:52:06

Visitor's Name: Gail Sullivan
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Victory Mills, NY 12884 USA
How you found our site: About.com
Would you recommend our site to others?: Already have

Comments: Harold is my Pembroke Welsh Corgi who I rescued
in 2004. He has since rescued me...he is my certified Service Dog. Now I am trying to save him again.

Entry 1039 made on 2010-05-08 01:05:13

Visitor's Name: Scott Katzenbarger
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Germantown, MD USA
How you found our site: Google
Would you recommend our site to others?: Absolutely!

Comments: In memory of my beloved 125 lb, 10 1/2 yr old GS Duke, whom I had to put to rest this past Monday due to DM, I just wanted to say thanks for all those who contributed to the creation of this website.

Entry 1038 made on 2010-04-12 18:58:39

Visitor's Name: Ken Nolte
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Modesto, California, USA
How you found our site: Google search for DM in GSD
Would you recommend our site to others?: Yes

Comments: My GSD was a rescued dog that has had major issues with allergies his whole life. I did not recognize the signs of DM until fairly well advanced. My dog is now 12 and has poor control of hind quarters. This site has been most helpful from support standpoint. TY

Entry 1037 made on 2010-04-06 21:13:27

Visitor's Name: Paulette Penzes
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Middleburg Hts., Ohio, USA
How you found our site: websearching info on DM swim therapy for my dog
Would you recommend our site to others?: YES!

Comments: Grateful for this website as my dog, Ramses, was just diagnosed with DM and I had not idea there was so much to learn to help him through this. I feel like my heart is being ripped out with this diagnosis of one of my best friends.

Entry 1036 made on 2010-02-08 23:38:18

Visitor's Name: Mary
Homepage URL: www.pawfectdogschool.com
You are from: uk
How you found our site: web searching
Would you recommend our site to others?: yes

Comments: My beautiful GSD Ash, I believe has DM, you site will guide us as we journey to the final stage, so glad I found you.

Entry 1035 made on 2009-12-26 03:51:19

Visitor's Name: Paige Green
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Tecumseh, MI USA
How you found our site: Google search
Would you recommend our site to others?: Yes, very helpful

Comments: Our 12.5 year old GSD Tash was diagnosed a couple of years ago with DM but has been showing the signs for much longer. At this point she is getting noticeably worse but is still the Alpha in our pack of five. She can still get around but with the Michigan winter upon us I'm afraid it will just be a matter of time before she'll need help getting in and out of the house. This website has great information on how to care for her as the disease progresses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Entry 1034 made on 2009-12-12 20:56:47

Visitor's Name: Carol Halt
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Ontario,,Canada
How you found our site: Link From Golden Retriever Forum
Would you recommend our site to others?: Definitely

Comments: Our 6 yr old Golden Retriever has some symptoms which seem to be consistent with
I am trying to learn as much as I can so
I can have a discussion with our vet who
says DM is not a GR disease .

Entry 1033 made on 2009-12-08 18:19:44

Visitor's Name: Eri N.
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: New York
How you found our site: on line research
Would you recommend our site to others?: definitely

Comments: My Akita - 13 years old - Tasha - just got diagnosed with DM yesterday, though she has had all the symptoms that I am seeing connected with DM now that I am doing all this research on line. For over a year now, she has been incontinent - so that she has been in diapers. My vet put her on medication for incontinence but it didn't work - and so he has been saying it could be because her spinal cord is weakening. She has had stiff hindlegs and so we've been treating her for arthritis, and her tail has not curled up for awhile - probably at least a year - and when she was younger her tail was up all the time. Also, she's been tripping over the past year, and jokingly I would say to her "how does a 4 legged creature trip while walking on a flat surface?" Now I realize why.

So i live in a fifth floor walk up so there is no way that I can walk her outside now because I can't get her up and down 4 flights of stairs - she's 100 pounds though she is losing weight. She still eats and drinks and she will walk around my apartment - especially whenever I change positions - she will move to be close to me. this is all making me very sad.

Entry 1032 made on 2009-11-21 05:00:40

Visitor's Name: Wesley Ng and Kyrie Hudson
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: San Francisco, CA
How you found our site: Google Search
Would you recommend our site to others?: Absolutely Positively Yes

Comments: We just recently lost our Shepard mix, Jerry, who lived a wonderful 13 years and 9 months. We never had been given a diagnosis of DM for him, however, after coming across this site, We can honestly say our precious dog was afflicted with this awful condition. Without the diagnosis, we were completely baffled of what happened to him. He had been to 3 different Veterinarians in the past two years, and never did they give us any indication that DM could have been a possible cause of his hind leg weakness.

I guess it started about a year and half ago, subtle changes, starting with his gait being just a bit off, not being able to run, having to cut our walks shorter and shorter. The vets had attributed this to his age and arthritis. This seemed to make sense. He was prescribed Carpoprofen for the arthritis, and it did seem to help a little bit. In December of 2008, he developed a malignant sebaceous adenoma on his cheek. He had surgery to remove the tumor, and we were assured that the prognosis was pretty good. After that setback things were great for a few months, he recovered from surgery just fine an was the dog that we all knew and loved. Then in June, another lump showed up on his neck. The first doctor performed needle aspirations on the tumor, but could give us no diagnosis of any sort. We took him to another vet who was able confirm that it was malignant tumor. Decision time, surgery-no it would be too invasive and traumatic (the tumor was larger and more internal than the previous one) Chemotherapy-no at his advanced age just too rough on the body. We, including the vet, decided the best thing to do was to just make life as wonderful as we could for him until the end which at that point was about another 6 months at best.

So we move on and try the best we can to accommodate his needs. He was having some difficulties, problems with his hind legs, heavy breathing, getting winded very easily. His walks had to be ceased as he could not even make it down a city block. He was however still mobile, although with difficulties. The whole time we were attributing this degeneration to arthritis, age, and most prevalently, the cancer. We were trying to prepare ourselves for the realization that this was the ending stage of his life and he probably would not live more that a few more months.

Then on November, Friday the 13th of all days, our boy started into his rapid decline. That evening, after barely touching his food, we let him out to relieve himself, and he could not get back up the stairs to our 2nd floor flat on his own. Saturday, he needed to be carried up and down the stairs, losing complete use of his hind legs and his front legs were extremely unstable. Sunday he had no use of any of legs, couldn't stand or sit up, he had to be hand fed food and water and eliminate laying on his side. Monday he could barely lift his head, and Tuesday he was a completely paralyzed. We knew that we were going to have put him down, but were reluctant to take him to vet's office as it would be too traumatic for him. He was still there, fighting, we could still see it in his eyes. We spent all of Tuesday petting him, stroking him, talking to him, attending to his needs, keeping him clean, and saying goodbye. Wednesday came and it was time, he had lost the glint in his eyes and was barely acknowledging our presence. In his own way he was telling it was time to let him go. The vet came to house, and performed the awful task, he went very quickly and peacefully while we held him in our arms. Through the whole six day ordeal, he did not seem to be in any significant pain, he was a trooper to the end.

We did not know what did this to him, it was fast and furious, and absolutely perplexing. We did not need a doctor to tell us that our dog was on his deathbed, that was quite obvious. But what was it that took him from us at this shocking speed? This website has helped us realize that Jerry was a victim of DM. It is actually amazing that he carried on so long undiagnosed. We are actually a little bit glad that the end stage occurred so rapidly, as he did not have spend much time as an invalid. We will always love and miss Jerry, but at least we now know how and why he was taken from us. This site and everyone who has contributed their experiences and knowledge have helped us to deal with our tremendous grief and sorrow.